The Article by Charlotte Peter in the Swiss newspaper Reformierte Presse about medical activity of Sufiy tabib Nursafardiy

Author: Charlotte Peter

Date of allocation: 2015-06-11

English translation

It is said about Lenin that he was thinking 24 hours a day about the revolution. Today not even Russians nobody will be thinking like this anymore. On the contrary it seems, that some people think 24 hours about their health and their wellness, which is clearly noticeable during travelling. Digestion problems are discussed already at breakfast and whilst visiting Taj Mahal two ladies were exchanging their experiences of their knee operations. Health is a crucial problem, health is a matter of belief.

The sufi master Sheikh Nursafardiy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan has caught on this trend. His School of Perfection, which he calls Qatron, not only aims at creating in 14 lessons the perfect mental and physical human being, but also make Islam fit for the 21st century.

Logically that most of his lessons deal with health, they are disciplines such as respiration, gymnastic, martial art, health, good lifetime and cosmetology.

Also disciplines like dancing, calligraphy and meditation and above all fitness help to strengthen our inner forces. In line with the modern trend is the purely biological medicine he practices. The Sheikh has leased in the mountain area of Tien shan at an altitude of 4000 meters quite a few square kilometers of land (ground) and gets there 36 various herbs collected, which are then processed to teas, ointments and spirits. With them he treats successfully maladies like head aches, digestions problems, back pain, burn out, depressions and so on.

Undisputed is the success of the master healer, who received his healing secrets and art from his 14 ancestors. He wishes to bring it up to present times. He is a highly liberal and modern muslem. I am thankful for having met with this extraordinary man.



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